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Safeguarding your family and business

While insurance can be a good solution, it is not right for every situation or person.
We help you understand where it fits and where it does not. By educating you on the advantages and disadvantages, you can confidently decide which option(s) are best for you.

If insurance is part of your solution, we work with you to monitor the performance of the
policy and make sure it remains the most competitive product for your needs.

The unique attributes of insurance make it a useful vehicle for many planning objectives such as:

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    • Income Replacement
    • due to death
    • due to disability
    • due to retirement
    • Liquidity to pay estate taxes
    • Equalization of inheritance
    • blended families
    • heirs and charity
    • active and passive children in family business
    • Fund Buy-Sell agreement
    • at death
    • at disability
    • Employee Benefits
    • personal life insurance
    • retirement upon disagreement
    • Replace key-person in business
    • at death
    • at disability
    • upon termination
    • income
    • Golden Handcuffs for key employees
    • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans
    • Tax-deferred cash accumulation for executive
    • Personal life insurance for executive
    • Benefits for owner
    • Personal life insurance
    • Cash accumulation/retirement savings
    • ESOP repurchase funding
    • Loan covenant requirement
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